Hypertherm Plasma | CNC Plasma Tube , Pipe Cutter & Notcher

Dragon A400 Highlights

Round, Square, Rectangle, Tube Cutting

The Dragon A400 series will cut holes, notches, and other designs on round, square, and rectangular tubes with ease and accuracy. (Round: 0.5″~6″, Square: 0.5″~4.0″, Rectangle: 0.5″~4.0″ width x 0.5″~4.0″ height.)

Built Heavy Duty for High Production

The Dragon A400 series is designed to withstand long hours and continuous operation for your shop. The machine can handle a material weight up to 400 lbs due to its heavy constitution and automated center support gate to keep the material straight during manufacturing.

Quick & Easy Job Setup

Dragon’s front position gate and chuck is easily adjustable, making the load and setup between different shapes and sized materials a breeze.

Marking Without the Guess Work

With the help of the Dragon software, the Dragon A400 series is able to engrave and mark precise bending locations & rotation values onto the tubes. These compensate for your material’s stretching and allow for flawless line-ups in your bender. It can also draw saddle marks where tubes will intersect for quick and accurate assembling.

Engineering Machinery and services works with Hypertherm the world leader in plasma machinery who manufacture professional grade CNC plasma components with our tables that provide the best performance and dependability. Each of our machines is designed to be a fully functional CNC plasma system without the need for “additional options”.