We offer a wide range of bandsaws Automatic Saw to cut all metal materials. Everything from large single-phase double mitre bandsaws to auto-feed systems that include hydraulic clamping, positive hydraulic and more.

Engineering Machine has a wide range of industrial bandsaw machines available from stock and many more we offer on good lead times directly from our international partners. Our range includes manual bandsaws, gravity feed bandsaws, semi- automatic bandsaws and CNC bandsaw machines, all manufactured to CE standard.

We pride ourselves on being able to design and develop a sawing solution where a standard machine will not fit the bill. Our speciality machines have been built for Aerospace, Formula1, Oil and gas, mining industries to name a few. Manual bandsaws are coming in two formats- a gravity feed or a pull-down operation, most now have swivel heads for mitre cuts. If you require a fast varied cut a pull-down machine will be the answer. If your sawing takes longer then the gravity feed option would be the best one for you.

Pivot Saws

Horizontal pivot action manual bandsaws are available as either pull down or gravity feed machines. Some saws can be easily switched to either pull down or gravity feed machines. Engineering machinery quality machines include those manufactured by MEP ( Italy ) Cuteral ( Turkey )
We are eager to help you find the best fit for your budget for cutting mild steel, stainless, super alloy, non ferrous materials including aluminium profiles and solid plastic, sections, tube and solids.

Pivot saws