New Hypertherm Powermax SYNC

Hypertherm Powermax SYNC™ series, the next generation of Powermax65®/85/105 systems, is unlike any plasma you’ve seen before. Featuring built-in intelligence and a revolutionary single-piece cartridge consumable, Powermax SYNC simplifies system operation, streamlines consumable inventory, lowers operating costs, and maximizes performance

Plasma cutting powermx sync

Hypertherm Sync | Easy to use

  • Easy-to-identify single-piece cartridge consumables are color‑coded by process to eliminate confusion and simplify consumable inventory management.
  • New SmartSYNC™ torches with the Hypertherm cartridge automatically set the correct amperage and operating mode, eliminating setup errors.
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Hypertherm Sync | Productivity gains

  • Convenient hand torch controls let you adjust amperage and switch cartridges without returning to the system.
  • Simplified operation minimizes downtime, troubleshooting, waste, and training time.
  • Each cartridge has been designed to optimize the cutting or gouging process for the