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Design and imagination combined with the worlds no.1 CNC Tube Laser systems

Time to change you fabrication and design with the most exciting Tube laser systems on the market. Our innovative and extensive range of CNC Fiber Tube Laser systems will improve part & product design from the extensive library of connections from our software to assembling without screws or welds that were once required.

Our **Best in Class – CNC Tube laser cutting machines are CNC controlled and programmed by 3D-CAD/CAM user friendly software, allowing you the user to process complex shapes including mitres, cod mouths and special profiles.

TUBE Laser cutting | Laser cutting technology now enables our customers to fabricate high volume parts and high-quality tubular and box section components in rapid turnarounds times, eliminating the need for old traditional fabrication methods.

Do you want to learn more about our large CNC Fiber Laser Tube technology ?

  • You will find information, cut sample, ideas, and new applications you would never have thought could have been fabricated so effortlessly.
  • Discover the latest software developments.
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Upgrade cutting accuracy with our high-edge 2D tube laser technology. Attain unmatched perfection when processing tubes.
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Tube laser | Loading and Unloading System

Industrial Tube Plasma

Automatic Loading and Unloading System

The system is easy for heavy-duty tube loading and unloading without shutdown waiting.

The system can decrease unproductive time and avoid accident probabilities of artificial loading and unloading.