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A plate roll is a bending machine that transforms a flat sheet of steel in a circular cross section, typically named shell or can. The shell can be used to build tanks; boilers and a huge number of different others circular containers. The plate roll can be made with two, three or four rolls and the bending process is performed by inserting the sheet inside the rolls. After having pinched the sheet with the rolls, rotating the rolls, to feed the sheet, the circular can is made. The position assumed by the side rolls estabilish the diameter of the shell.

Davi 3 Roll Machinery

DAVI is the only manufacturer with an inside R&D, a team of experts, that engineer and realize the automation and the CNC that manage all its rolls.

DAVI R&D has developed a new engineering and manufacturing philosophy, removing completely all the previous several electrical connections starting from the electric cabinet and going though the entire machine.

“Now, all Davi roll have digital signals running into one sole wire (BUS) that exchange data among all the machine’s electric, electronic, mechanic and hydraulic components, ultra-fast, and supplies a first aid diagnosis on the correct functioning of each of the parts connected to.
MCO 3roll Davi Plate Rolls
4 roll plate rolls davi

Davi 4 Roll Machinery

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Rolling is an art form and we can provide the machine for you meet your specific needs , for more years then we care to remember we have being supplying 3 & 4 Roll Nc and Cnc Rolling machinery.

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Plate Rolling Machines – 3 Rolls Plate Machine | 4 Rolls Plate Machine | NC & CNC Controlled Plate Machines.

Innovative and exclusive in design, to roll plate up to 10-15 mm (1/2 inch) thick.
Accurate, fast, easy and intuitive, it is the most high-tech plate roll for “light gauge” in the market.

The most common design in the industry, with the top roll fixed, and the two side rolls that move up and down to pre-bend the edges, and to roll the plates