Engineering Machinery & Services have been offering both Manual Plasma cutting Machines & CNC Plasma cutting Machines for over 30yrs.

  • CNC Plasma Machinery manufactured locally using Hypertherm the world leader in Plasma Cutting Machinery

  • Our Manual Plasma machines can cut over 25mm in single phase and 3inch thick M/steel in 3Ph

Low cost Plasma Cutting Machinery – A very efficient and accurate solution as a cutting process – We can also arrange cut samples of different plasma processes and component shapes prior to arranging a demonstration of our CNC Plasma Machines.

Recent enhancements to traditional air plasma cutting systems have seen significant improvements in cut quality and consumables life , our plasma cutting machinery utilize these development for the end user. In Ireland our cnc plasma machines and knowledge have been the backbone to many manufacturing companies allowing businesses to cut a high volume of parts daily increasing output.


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