Genuine Hypertherm spares and torches are manufactured to the highest quality standards allowing you to achieve the very best cut quality time and time again , costing the user less down time on there system and longer cutting life eradicating bad cut quality.

Engineering Machinery recommends the fitting of genuine Hypertherm consumables to your plasma cutter as the best way to guarantee performance and maintain machine and torch warranties.

Patented technologies – Every day, Hypertherm engineers are working on new ways to improve the plasma cutting process. Thousands of hours of engineering time focused solely on plasma consumable technology guarantees the best possible cutting performance from your system.

Synergistic design – Hypertherm systems and consumables are designed to work together. System features and consumable designs are matched to optimize performance and reliability – to give you the best possible cut, over the longest service life.

Critical to function engineering – Hypertherm engineers identify the critical features of each consumable part that will have an impact on cutting performance, and design accordingly. The specifications for these features are held to tolerance ranges that exceed even Six-Sigma quality standards.

Highest quality – Investments in the most current quality systems, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and intensive machine operator training ensure that every consumable part that you receive from us will perform to your highest expectations.


Reasons why You Should Always Use Genuine Consumables – Hypertherm

Utilizing the right parts with your CNC plasma framework is as essential on a more established framework as it is on a pristine one. While your decision of machine has the greatest impact on the nature of your cuts (all things considered, in detachment a plasma burn is basically pointless) the best machine on the planet can’t adjust for issues that can emerge from utilizing below average consumable parts on the light.

Higher Cost-Of-Possession

Modest duplicate consumables (once in a while named secondary selling parts) can resemble a fantastic arrangement, promising identical or better operational lifetimes and equal cut quality at deal costs. The fact of the matter is frequently altogether different, and when things turn out badly the proprietor of the machine can end up at noteworthy cost to put things right. Regardless of whether that is expected to the secondary selling provider being problematic at short notice or the parts themselves being reliably flawed, both outcome in a high cost-of-possession for the machine. Moreover, reseller’s exchange consumables may fit accurately, however won’t be coordinated to the framework. Plasma frameworks and consumables created by a similar organization are intended to work with each other to give ideal administration life and cut quality.

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