Industrial Tube Plasma

Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine

Roto Hornet 2000 CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine

A combination of our innovative pipe handling system, Rotary Tube Pro software, and Hypertherm’s plasma cutting technology, creates the industry’s best CNC plasma pipe cutting machine. The ROTO HORNET will substantially increase your pipe cutting productivity and boost your bottom line.

Rotary Tube Pro, from Hypertherm, is a comprehensive software solution for designing and cutting tube and pipe parts. Tubes and branches are easily created using parametric input. There is no 3-D CAD experience required. Sidewall cuts can be selected from a list of predefined shapes or added from CAD. If needed, you can also import 3-D CAD files for highly customized pipe cuts. The flexibility provided by Rotary Tube Pro allows fabricators and manufacturers the ability to work efficiently, reducing costs and boosting productivity.
Rotary Tube Pro displays 3-D renderings of the parts being programmed. This allows you to view end types, hole locations, and other features. The 3-D rendering display allows you to visually confirm the accuracy of the part that’s being programmed. Both main and branch pipes are shown to aid in pipe fit-up.

If you require a solution for large pipe cutting either bevel cutting or straight cutting our Roto tube is the solution your business requires . Our systems can be offered all the way up until 12 Metres to accommodate such a large branch.