CNC True Hole SureCut Technology

Maximizing Cutting with Hypertherm SureCut Technology 

True-Hole SureCut Plasma Technology

SureCut technology overview:

SureCut is designed to maximize cutting performance by automatically applying optimized cutting process parameters to simplify cutting and reduce operator intervention. SureCut is delivered through a combination of Hypertherm products such as automated systems, CNCs and CAM software. Maximizing performance through embedded expertise SureCut technology is brought to you via various delivery mechanisms that include Hypertherm systems, CNCs, and online/offline CAM software.
• SureCut is delivered through a combination of products that include plasma power supplies and waterjet pumps as well as CNCs and CAM software
• Automatically applies optimized cutting process parameters which simplifies cutting and reduces operator intervention
• Easy set up improves job efficiency
• Provides access to Remote Help™ and troubleshooting which reduces downtime
• Works across multiple cutting technologies