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Hypertherm Consumables for sale in Northern Ireland from Engineering Machinery Northern ireland - HYpertherm dealer for over 30 years | CNC Hypertherm Plasma systems - HPR Consumables - Maxpro Consumables and Hypertherm Powermax consumables for sale

Hypertherm HPR Consumables

Hypertherm HPR Consumables for sale in the UK & Ireland from - Hypertherm.ie 

CNC Plasma Consumablles for Hypertherm HPR Systems from ENGMACH Ireland

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Laser Consumables

Hypertherm Powermax Consumables for sale

Cheap online Hypertherm Powermax Consumables for all Powermax 45 | Call today in Northern Ireland - ENGMACH Irelands number 1 Hypertherm dealer . We sell all Hypertherm consumables for powermax systems

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Hypertherm waterjet consumables

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                           Hypertherm Plasma Consumables &  Torches

Using genuine Hypertherm torches and plasma consumables for your Hypertherm plasma cutting system is the only way to ensure optimal performance. Our torches and consumables have the latest performance-enhancing technologies and are machined to the highest quality standards.

We stand behind our products with industry-leading service and training.

Northern Ireland | Hypertherm Consumables for sale

Plasma Consumables & Spare Parts

Engineering Machinery and services hold Hypertherm plasma consumables and spare parts. Available ex-stock from our Dublin facility we offer competitive pricing and superb a full back up service team .

We support current and discontinued machines and Hypertherm plasma cutting systems and offer same day dispatch via a range of delivery services for orders received by 3pm

Orders can be telephoned (01-4571399) faxed or emailed to our after sales team for immediate attention.


Engineering-Machinery.ie | Consumable kits

Power up your Plasma system with a starter, FineCut, all-in-one or bulk consumable kit.

Consumable kits offer the flexibility to cut using different amperages and cutting applications to get the most out of your Hypertherm plasma system. Powermax customers can purchase All-in-one, FineCut and Bulk consumable kits. HPR/HPRXD, MAXPRO and HSD130 customers can purchase either mild or stainless steel/aluminum consumable starter kits. Click on the tabs below to find information on the kit that is right for you.

Hypertherm is dedicated to providing the latest in technology advancements for plasma systems old and new. Learn more about the available torch upgrade options for improving the performance of your plasma cutting system.

Consumable widge

Centricut brings you Hypertherm’s 40 years of metal cutting innovation to all major brands of laser and plasma consumables.

Engineering Machinery can offer Centricut plasma consumables which incorporate Hypertherm technology and quality to deliver the best possible performance and reliability to your non-Hypertherm mechanized cutting systems. Offering consumables for ESAB, Kjellberg, Kaliburn, Komatsu, Koike and Victor-Thermal Dynamics, Centricut provides the torches and consumables used most often, at a fraction of the price of OEM parts. Lower your cutting costs without sacrificing productivity or quality by using Centricut plasma consumables.

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