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Laser Cutting Machinery Sale: The Advantages of TOWER Full Automatic Sheet Metal Loading and Unloading System:

  • 7/24 working option,
  • No unexpected stop,
  • The competitive advantage for unit costs,
  • Precision sheet metal protection against damages and scratches,
  • The ideal solution for enterprises against stock area loss with multi-pallet stacking system in the tower.

If you would like to find out more about the Towermak laser cutting machinery sale supplied by Engineering Machinery & Services Ltd, check out some of our other Laser pages or contact us to find out what we have in stock.

TOWER has two model according to demand

Basic Tower: Standard 2 pallets for stock area. Just one metal sheet can be stock in during the process.

Compact Tower: Minimum 3 pallets for stock area that can be customize up to 15 pallets each can payload 3000 kg. Two different types of metal sheets can be stock in different areas. Also finished metal sheet can be stock in other area.To find out more about the Laser Cutting Machinery Sale from Engineering Machinery, contact us at


Full Automatic Sheet Metal Loading & Unloading System

Ermaksan Fibermak Momentum Gen-2 provides precision cutting and mass production by Tower.

The TOWERMAK Laser cutting machinery sale comprising of systems used for the unmanned loading/unloading management of metal sheets for 2D laser machine 1500×3000 mm metal sheets; guarantees high level reliability, highly flexibility and easy to be used.