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New update available for all Swift-Cam software!

If you bought your table between January 2015 to March 2016 please contact us for your free software update and benefit from the advancements we’ve made to make your life easier:

  • Now add our marking or centre dot feature to existing and parametric parts
  • Reduced programming time with automatic lead in / lead out adjustment (SwiftCam 3 only)
  • Add tabs to parts quicker and easily to stop them falling through the table
  • Decrease cutting time by adapting the Z height at rapids
  • Improve your cut quality with the latest cutting charts, developed and tested by Swift-Cut
  • We can now import one DXF that compiles of unlimited number of parts and our CAM software can now extract those individual parts and cut them individually
  • More parametric shapes in the library
  • More upgrades available like DSTV file import
  • With your feedback we have improved functionality and bug fixes within the software



We have made changes to our standard PC set up to help prevent on-site end-user issues such as: third party and malicious software being installed. These types of software have been known to cause intermittent cutting issues and PC systems to crash. In order to prevent these problems, these are the following changes that we have made:

  • New admin account
  • Access to the internet is restricted to team Viewer only
  • As Windows 10 is not supported by Mach we have removed the upgrade option
  • The system will not allow executable files to run without admin access


Plate Rider


Why we built it?

It’s Swift-Cut philosophy to build affordable and reliable products, we realised that there was no affordable cutting solution for the HVAC market so we decided to build one.

The Plate Rider system is a proven method to cut thinner material reliably and accurately, the system itself is pretty simple with only needing a switched contact and a constant 8 bar air supply to work.

We have developed this system to work with our own SwiftCAM HVAC module but it will also work with Autodesk’s CAMduct product.

Using this simple system we can offer our company objective to our customers of affordable, reliable and accurate cutting solutions.

Technical overview

Operating pressure – 8bar

Operating voltage – 24vDC


To prove the accuracy and reliability of each and every machine that leaves our production facility we perform multiple tests.

These tests will examine the motion of the CNC as well as functionality:

  • Repeatability
  • Straightness
  • Circularity
  • Squareness
  • Height control operation
  • Direct Cut Control
  • Homing
  • Emergency stops
  • Breakaway head

All these items are check before despatch so you know your table will work first time every time!


If you would like to see a machine live in our Dublin or Lurgan facility or in your works please call or office below –

Swiftcut – Dublin – Ireland

Unit A8 Station Road Business Park,





01 457 1399

087 258 2058


Swiftcut – Northern Ireland

Engineering Machinery Services Ltd Northern Ireland Office.

Lough Road,


Co. Armagh,

Northern Ireland


+44 (0) 28 29348458

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