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Engineering Machinery specialise in the supply and sale of new technologies in the Metal Fabrication Machinery Industry . If you are looking for speed, versatility and high efficiency, so Speed-Bend press brakes series is the right choice with Engineering Machinery’s range of Ermaksan – CNC Press Brake machines .
Our Press brake machinery range offer the most up to date software on our controllers from Delem and Cybelec exhibiting bend simulation to the operator prior to the profile being folded. This constant innovation plays an important role in Ermaksan’s press brake production process. We use the most sophisticated equipment and systems in a streamlined process with strict quality control – contact the office today to arrange a viewing of a CNC press brake close to you .

CNC Metal Fabrication Machinery Specialists

Our comprehensive range of Press Brake machines gives you the customers maximum flexibility and cost-effective productivity.

With an extensive variety of tonnages and beam lengths, there is a variant to suit each customers requirement.

Ease of operation, innovative tooling solutions and intuitive software options ensure your continued success into the future.