Swift-Cut PRO 3000 XP – CNC Plasma Cutting Table | Ireland

Engineering Machinery and Services introduce the newest table in our Swiftcut collection, the Swift-Cut PRO 3000 XP is cutting edge in its design and more durable than ever.

The new PRO 3000 XP is designed with production cutting in mind, now available to work in conjunction with the Hypertherm MAX PRO 200 .

The new drives offer OMRON 400w AC servo motors across X+Y axis for improved accuracy.

 Features and optional extras

We’ve developed some innovative, cutting edge features and optional extras that make Swift-Cut market leaders in the field of plasma cutting, see below for more details.

  • Breakaway head – Prevent premature torch failure with our breakaway head system
  • Digital torch height control – Follow the contour of sheet metal automatically
  • Floating initial height sense – Reliable touch off sensing system for accurate pierce heights

Swiftcut plasma cutter

Call for a live demonstration. Visit our training and demonstration suite in Dublin, or send us your own files and we can cut them in front of you in an online live demonstration over the Internet.