Metal Work Art Machinery that can produce

Artwork, signs & ornamentation



Engineering Machinery supply a large range of metal cutting machinery including Metal Work Art Machinery which will allow you to create Metal furniture, sculpture, ornamental fences and signs are just some of the decorative objects that can be created with the help of a Hypertherm plasma system. Customers in this industry range from metal artists who work alone in small studios with a handheld Powermax30 or Powermax45 to companies that fabricate metal staircases and fence rails in a manufacturing plant with a computer-controlled HyDefinition plasma system.

Below are some examples of how Hypertherm plasma systems which are used in this industry for Metal Work Art Machinery:


  • Creating metal artwork from mild steel, copper, aluminum, or stainless steel.
    Cutting intricate shapes and designs from various thicknesses of metal to fabricate gates, fences, railings, and staircases.
    Fabricating frames, posts, and cabinets for signs and cutting letters, faceplates, and logos.