Hypertherm True Bevel Technology

Hypertherm True Bevel technology, unveils a new edge profiling database designed to help fabricators and cutting table manufacturers achieve accurate bevel cuts more easily than before.

Hypertherm true bevel technology includes factory tested mild steel cut charts for all Hypertherm HyPerformance HPRXD plasma systems. These cut charts contain meticulously developed parameters that will significantly reduce the amount of time and effort required to produce quality bevels using plasma. This will be delivered in a database solution that will allow our customers to adapt these process settings for plasma bevel cutting to the mechanics of their cutting table installation.

“We estimate more than 90 percent of fabricators need to apply a beveled edge to at least some of their parts,” said Aaron Brandt, who leads Hypertherm’s mechanized team. “We also know most of these fabricators spend a considerable amount of time setting up their systems through trial and error, and even then, the outcome is inconsistent. Hypertherm true plasma bevel technology is designed to deliver accurate and consistent bevels without that lengthy set-up time.”

True Bevel technology is one of the pillars of Hypertherm’s Built for Business Integrated Cutting Solutions, aimed to taking care of all metal-cutting needs – from quick setup to simple operation to high output quality and responsive after-sales support.

The new Hypertherm True Bevel technology makes it easy to consistently optimize bevel performance and the benefit to customers is a significant reduction in trial and error time, helping to deliver higher productivity, more throughput, and less waste. Hypertherm plans to embed the cut charts in Hypertherm’s CNC Phoenix Software and CAM solutions software and make it available to its Channel Partners for inclusion with their proprietary CNC/CAM solutions.

True Bevel technology will be made available to all HPRXD installations that include plasma bevel cutting mechanics and will be delivered via one of the following methods:

• For Integrated Cutting Solutions (ICS) OEMs the implementation at launch will be via an update to their ProNest PNCA file;

• HPR XD-only customers can receive the protected database for integration with their current solution.

• In both scenarios no licensing will be required.