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Engineering Machinery - Northern Ireland offer the number one Plasma company in the worlds technology with the same emphasis on quality and reputation we hae, to provide the best Plasma cut quality for our tables.  Hypertherm machines local in Northern Ireland are the best in the field .

The Hypertherm plasma cutters benefit from the innovation combined with Swift-Cut table designs matched with the quality of the Hypertherm consumables. The lifespan of which will be determined on how often the machine is in use, what material it is cutting and which Hypertherm Powermax unit is being used.

It’s imperative to us that all of our customers realise the full potential of their machines, so we designed our tables with DTHC (Digital Torch Height Control) to maximise the lifestime of the consumables.  CleanDry air is also a very important factor in maximising the lifespan of the consumables so we recommend that you ensure the machine is kept in a dry environment.

And with such a huge range of Hypertherm torches to choose from, we are confident our customers can choose the right package for their industry requirements.
Our recent Hypertherm installation in Omagh on the new Swiftcut CNC Plasma Mk3.
Hypertherm have a unique electrode end of life detection which protects the torch and workpiece from damage by automatically stopping power when the electrode is overused.  Just one of the ways Hypertherm keep the operating costs to a minimum .Engineering machinery supply machinery to the following industries in Northern Ireland-

-Machine Manufacturing
 - Automotive Fabrication
 - Structural Steel
 - Marine Fabrication
 - Metal Fabrication

Hypertherm Plasma Cutter

Engineering Machinery & Services offer Hypertherm mechanized plasma, laser, and waterjet systems are vital tools for general fabricators and job shops, allowing operators to quickly cut a variety of different material types and thicknesses. Portable, versatile handheld plasma systems are also used in the plant and on the job site for a wide range of tasks, including constructing and framing walls for buildings, cast iron pipe construction and repair, and tank and vessel fabrication. Cut tabs, flanges and end pieces closer than ever before with FlushCut™ consumables.

Our typical uses include:
  • Fabrication of custom equipment
  • Cutting both large and small parts
  • Counter and cabinet fabrication for commercial kitchens
  • Duct fabrication
  • Wastewater plant repair – bar screens, piping, hoppers, and vessels
  • Roof truss fabrication
  • Decking fabrication
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