Hypertherm – 7 reasons Plasma beats oxyfuel

Plasma is rapidly becoming the cutting technology of choice.

Created by electrically charging a gas, plasma
made from compressed air can cut metals up to 50 mm
(2″) thick. Powermax® hand systems are easy to use and
portable, with faster cut speeds than oxyfuel. 

Below are the list of reasons Plasma beats oxyfuel:

1.Better cut quality
Plasma cuts have less dross, less warping, and a
smaller heat-affected zone.

2.Cuts more parts faster
With significantly faster cut speeds, plasma
outperforms oxyfuel even before you consider
oxyfuel’s preheat time and secondary operations.

3.Parts cost less
With operating costs spread over more parts per
hour, and with less time spent on secondary
operations, you have a lower cost per part.

4.More profitable
Lower operating costs and greater productivity result
in more profit for you.

5.Easier to use
No gases to regulate, no flame chemistry to master.
And there’s no standoff to maintain. Hypertherm torches
are designed for dragging the torch across the plate.

6.Increased flexibility
Cut mild steel, aluminum, stainless, copper, and most
other metals. Cut by hand, with a track or pipe cutter, or
on an X-Y table. Cut stacked metal, metal grate, or even
rusty or painted pieces.

7. Uses only air for improved safety
No flammable gases required. With Powermax systems,
compressed air is the only gas you need. The most popular
fuel gas for oxyfuel is acetylene, a highly flammable and
unstable gas.

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