Manufacturing Gym Equip | Tube Bending

A gym equipment manufacturer recently installed one of AMOB’s Eletric CNC Tube Bender, fully-CNC, multi-stack pipe benders to streamline its production process.

The Ce90CNC-R tube bending machine was the clear choice, as the client required both fixed and variable radius bending in a single length of material. The multi-stack capability of the Eletric CNC Tube Bender mandrel enables both of these types of bends to be carried out in a single cycle, while the customer previously required a secondary operation using a single stack tube bender combined with a section bender.

The customer had recently implemented a preventative maintenance schedule and whilst doing so incorporated a company wide directive to ensure all new machine purchases had low maintenance requirements. With this in mind, they chose both automatic mandrel lubrication and an automatic centralised lubrication system that greatly reduces maintenance requirements (by almost 80%).

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