GMR – Mechanical Guillotine Shear | Guillotine Supplier Ireland, N.Ire, UK

The GMR – Mechanical Guillotine Shear

ERMAKSAN quality and experience  one the the production of sheet metal working machinery has proven it to type Guillotine Shears (GMR).

The static and dynamic stiffness of the body and strong welded construction designed to withstand harsh operating conditions. Especially for thin sheet metarials work very efficiently at high speeds and the best scissor in its class. Less energy consumption, quiet operation, has been presented to the users with a small footprint and affordable price.

Buying the ERMAKSAN GMR Shears according to the price and size of a machine which will do many jobs.

Efficient and economical
Will have the most competitive prices while preferred GMR model mechanical guillotine shear, with quiet operation and the most appropriate energy efficiency.

Customer benefits

  • Low invesment cost.
  • High efficiency.
  • Ergonomic desing.
  • Energy saving.
  • Silent working.
  • Does not require large area.
  • Different color options.
  • Durable choice for your precise cutting works.
  • Easy installation and training.
  • Manual operation mode
  • Single operation mode
  • Cutting program can be done.
  • Inch / mm
  • 99 step programme.
  • Parametric settings.
  • High cutting quality can be achieved at high speeds,with space-saving body.
  • Suitable throat depth 4mm GMR for continuous strip CUTTING (standard throat depth 100mm.)
  • GMR 4mm; bearing between the graphite bushings,
  • GMR 3mm; the upper jaw running in rails between
  • High power transmission and torsional strength, balance shaft group.
  • GMR 4mm has the Easy one-hand manually adjustable GAP
  • Mechanically. Hold down system that prevents the sheet from slipping during cutting
  • GMR 3mm machines, 600mm, GMR 4mm 800mm stroke and 0.1 mm precision running back gauge system
  • Quiet running, easy maintenance, fast and serial motor + gearbox group. front safety plate for CE standard.
  • Wide arms and side miter for cutting wider plate
  • Electrical system proven by SIEMENS
  • Multi-functional, parametric adjustable, programmable controller ELGO P9521.
  • Sheet metal sliding group for the removal of the cut material
  • High wear resistance and toughness of the blades.
  • GMR 3mm machines, the upper blade: 2 side Lower blade: 2 side
  • GMR 4mm machines, the upper blade: 2 side Lower blade: 4 side
  • Mechanical hold down group
  • GMR 4mm has the Easy one-hand manually adjustable GAP
  • Convenient foot pedal for single and repetitive cutting.
  • Side and front support arms miter.
  • Motor + Gearbox group.
  • Siemens Electrical group.
  • ELGO P9521 NC controller.
  • Back gauge system.
  • Metric / Inch Ruler.
  • Protective front, side and rear protection covers.
  • Rear sheet metal sliding group.
  • Protection for  rare guard with 2 photocell
  • Emergency button.